Video Tutorial: Painting a Watercolour Bumblebee

Image of Video Tutorial: Painting a Watercolour Bumblebee

Have you ever wanted to paint a little bee in flight with the lightest of brush strokes and richness of colour? This set of lessons is to teach you how to paint a loose, colourful Bumble bee with confidence. The step by step guide takes you through the process of watercolour techniques such as wet into wet, mixing pigments, and paint lifting to create whimsical bumble bees! It is aimed at both beginners and intermediates! A template, photo references, material list and inspiring watercolour sketches are all included in this package.

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Tutorial Overview

Video 1. Bio. (3.22 mins)
Video 2. Introduction To The Course (1.18 mins)
Video 3. Unit 1. Painting A Monochrome Bee (9.33 mins)
Video 4. Unit 2. Colour and Consistency With A Basic Colour Palette (4.42 mins)
Video 5. Unit 3. Making Colours That Pop! (6.36 mins)
Video 6. Unit 4. Final Project. Painting A Full Colour Bee (5.42 mins)
Video 7. Bonus Video: Painting A Bee Freehand With No Drawing (6.23 mins)

Resources Available On This Course
1. Materials List
2. Bee Template
3. 4 x Bee reference Photos
4. 8 x Bee Watercolour Sketches (copyright Sarah Stokes 2020)