Video Tutorial. “Introduction To Watercolour” (Large video files 3.5GB)

Image of Video Tutorial. “Introduction To Watercolour” (Large video files 3.5GB)
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Ever wanted to try watercolour but didn’t know where to start? If so, this is the tutorial for you! ‘Introduction To Watercolour” is a series of bitesize Video classes designed to give students the very basics of loose watercolour techniques. It’s an essential guide that covers the elements of materials needed together with layering, pigment control, colour run and lifting techniques, delivered in a fun and dynamic way.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS COLLECTION OF TUTORIALS CONSTITUTE 3.5GB. They are large files which may take a long time to download. Please ensure that you have enough storage space on your device, before purchasing. Alternatively if you type https://skl.sh/3fiBTsq into your browser, it will lead you to my Skillshare Page, where this video can be viewed for free for a limited period, which currently stands at 2 months.

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Course Units and Running Times

Bio (2.27 mins)
Introduction To The Course (1.15 mins)
Getting Started. Materials Needed For The Course (3.32 mins)
Unit 1. Getting To Grips With The Basics
Unit 2. Creating Dynamic Shapes In A Brush Stroke (6.01 mins)
Unit 3. Layering Up In One Colour. Painting An Eye (19.17 mins)
Unit 4. Wet Into Wet Techniques. Painting Beautiful Blooms (5.01)
Unit 5. Colour Blends And Lifting Techniques. Painting Imaginary Birds (8.25 mins)
Bonus Video: 5 minute Blooms (2.22)
Bonus Video: Floral Patterns (2.22)