Video Tutoral: Painting A Loose Watercolour Hare 3.5GB

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If you have some experience in painting but want to loosen up, or explore watercolour as a medium, then you’ll really enjoy this new tutorial on painting a loose watercolour hare. Although the video is aimed at those at an intermediary and advanced level, there are a number of exercises and tips in it that will benefit all artists. It will also give you inside knowledge as to my unique ways of working with this exciting medium. The tutorials include information about how to loosen up, to blend colours, to paint A hare’s eye and to vary brush strokes and paint consistency, resulting in the painting of a beautiful hare.

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All course resources such as a material list and photo/sketch references are included in the download.

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Course Units and Running Times

Video One: Bio (3.22 mins)
Video Two:Introduction to The Course (36 secs)
Video Three: Golden Rules for A Loose Style (6.28 mins)
Video Four: Unit 1. Colour Mixing (3.47 mins)
Video Five: Unit 2. Painting The Hare’s Eye (9.48 mins)
Video Six: Unit 3. Painting The Hare (25.14 mins)